Responsive Web Development

Building Your First Website - Easy!

The first thing that should come to your mind when the word web/site is mentioned is “your products, services and clients”.

This is how you now literally connect your business to the people you want to sell your services to. Right? This should not come as a shock; we are here to take you step by step.

A domain name is the address of your website. Chooses a name that resonates with what tour business stands for; is straightforward. We help you with ideas but you make a final decision. Once registered, which do for you, we ready to go – not so fast, domain registration is renewed on a yearly basis. So keep it in your budget plans.
Now that is ready to work, we have to create a space (house) for it on the World Wide Web networks. Hosting is a subscription service - ask us about available options.

We all set and ready to build your website, together.
Information architecture refers to content that goes in to your website for your clients to see, and how it is going to be displayed and/or used by viewers. This is information about your products/services so make sure it is well edited not to confuse clients – no repetitions. It all has to carry your brand and sell your products and retain current customers while attracting new ones, not the other way round.
Users want information in a quick and easy way; make sure they understand what your business stands for in a few paragraphs. Ensure that they realize your value over your competition, your vision and mission and why your products will solve their problems better than the rest. Introduce your team and make sure their bios complement your objectives as a business.
Provide a catchy line that assures your customers that, when they get hold of you or a member of your team, they will be assisted professionally. Make them believe that you know what challenges they have and that they are at the right place at the right time.
Get your trusted and loyal customers to write testimonials about your services. This is a good way to get buy-in from new clients as well as retaining current ones.
Make sure your previous work stands out; most clients want to see what you are capable of before committing their resources and money on your business.
Be 100% sure you have an idea what photographs you want to display. Ask us about our Professional Photography services. We can help you choose from a wide pool of stock for sale online. This applies to both video and audio files.
Once all of these are ready, a week long process of uploading them to your chosen design begins. Talk to us to day about your choice of website design. Aesthetic qualities of a website are usually motivated by the type of business. Your website will be ready in just 3 weeks.
Your website is now ready and is released to be viewed in the web but it still needs care and support during its whole life. Leave this hectic stuff to us. We help you move faster than competition and stay just as agile with enhancements, frequent updates to content, fixes for bugs and optimization.

Website Building Packages

Because at Etherton Holdings we know how important it is to put your business online, we have created affordable plans for you. Starting with a Basic Plan that allows you to pay a once off free for your website development. But we also have flexible Subscription Packages; these plans allows you to sit back and focus on your business while we do all the work on your online presence.

Design and development of websites through Subscription Packages turn-around time is a maximum of 3 weeks, after which the website has to go live. Customers are encouraged to prepare and submit all content as stated in the Services Level Agreement (SLA) that will be provided to you during planning meetings.

Setup an appointment today to discuss the information architecture of your company and choose the right package for you.